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Christmas Corner

Christmas is not always a happy time. If you have lost a loved one around the holidays, there will be bittersweet memories accompanying your holiday journey. This is a time to draw closer to Jesus. Only He can understand our sorrows and the longing in our hearts to see our loved ones once again.

My mother went to be with the Lord several years ago, on a December day. Through the years I have discovered ways to still enjoy the holidays and not put a damper on the enthusiasm of others.

Are you involved in your church celebrations? My husband and I direct our choir and are heavily involved in our Christmas production. This helps to focus on a worthwhile project. And when visitors comment, “I was so tired of the Christmas hype, but this concert put it all back in perspective,” I am blessed. Are you alone with too much time to dwell on the past? Connect with others who are in need. Encourage someone else going through a difficult time. As we reach out to others, we also receive comfort.

I pray for those who are struggling – may God fill the loneliness in your heart with the beauty of His presence. He is the God of all Comfort. And He longs to embrace us and surround us with His love.                                                                                                  

May God bless your Christmas.

NOTE: Congrats to Julie Bihn, the winner of Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball. Please send me your address.

NEW DRAWING – for a dvd “Christmas Child,” a Max Lucado story. Leave a comment to enter. Winner announced next Friday, Dec. 23rd.


  1. Very sweet post; nicely done.

    Comment by Julie Bihn — December 20, 2011

  2. What a awesome giveaway. I would love to win it.


    Comment by Jo — December 20, 2011

  3. Thank you for writing about the December losses. Three of our parents died in December so it would be easy to get caught up in sadness in missing them. But we celebrate the birth of Jesus in December and how that was the beginning of people’s opportunity to know life after death. So belief in Jesus and heaven is such a gift that overcomes the sadness that would be with me if I were not a believer.

    I appreciate the picture you included with your blog entry. Thanks for the reflection of God’s creation and His love.

    Have a blessed Christmas. I would love to win the DVD!

    Comment by Janice Garey — December 20, 2011

  4. Thanks, Julie. Christmas can bring on so many mixed emotions. But as long as our focus stays on Jesus, we’ll be fine.

    Comment by admin — December 20, 2011

  5. Great movie!!! I would love to own it!!!!

    Comment by Salena Stormo — December 20, 2011

  6. A time of great celebration and joy for some can just highlight the unhappiness and sorrow for others. We should always be aware of other’s feelings. They may not be the same as ours. But, we can always find a way – if we look – to bring some happiness to others.

    Comment by James Callan — December 20, 2011

  7. This is my first December where I’m spending time encouraging others. It’s such a good feeling to be able to touch someone else’s life!

    Comment by Evangeline — December 21, 2011

  8. i, too, have lost several close family members near this holiday…i always remember that they are spending christmas w/ jesus.

    Comment by karenk — December 21, 2011

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