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A favorite place to write…








is by the water. Whether it is Long Island Sound (photo) or on the bay or even at a lake. I just seem to write better in the summertime when I’m sitting by the waves. Since we have family and friends in the LI area, there are usually opportunities in this warm season to visit and find some quiet time to write. I enjoy the fellowship but I also love my time alone to compose.

   “Want to go fishing with us?” they ask. Nope. I’m good right here on the deck, watching the seagulls. I confess I’ve written some of my best pieces – by the water.









What is one of your favorite places to write?

  • On the patio or porch?
  • At your desk?
  • On the couch or in a comfortable armchair?
  • In the gazebo?
  • On a dock or in a boat, idling in the middle of the lake?
  • At a coffee shop or tearoom?

Leave a comment sharing a favorite place to write and enter to win a free copy of Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James, a Ladies of Summerhill novel.




  1. My favorite place to write is anywhere I can see nature with a cup of coffee close by. I love all seasons – watching snow fall in the winter, windows open in the spring, fall and summer to let in the noises of nature and fresh breezes. Any place where I can see God’s creation calms me down and inspires me to think outside the box.

    Comment by Cheri — June 30, 2012

  2. Cheri,
    I agree, just something about viewing the work of a Master Creator triggers the creativity in us. As far as winter season, I’m in the cold Northeast so we have some serious winters up here. So I have ample opportunity to cozy in during the storms and center on my writing. Thanks for stopping by!

    Comment by admin — June 30, 2012

  3. I would love to be able to write, but I can’t seem to get my thoughts down on paper. They sound great in my head, then when I write them, not so good, lol. But, that being said, I like writing in a comfortable recliner.

    Comment by Wendy Newcomb — July 1, 2012

  4. Since i am a reader (read readaholic) and not a writer, i guess i don’t have a favorite place to write. My favorite place to read, however, is where i happen to be with a book, my computer or kindle! Thanks for the giveaway. It sounds great, and i don’t think i’ve read anything by Cara Lynn James before.

    marianne dot wanham at gmail dot com

    Comment by Marianne Barkman — July 1, 2012

  5. My favorite place to write and read would be out on the deck…since our place faces the great outdoors…there is so much beautiful things to see such as the birds, wild deer, squirrels ….just such a relaxing place to be anytime.I would love to win Cara Lynn James’ new book…’Love On A Dime’…I have shared on facebook

    Comment by Linda McFarland — July 1, 2012

  6. My favorite place to write is to sit right in my own backyard and look/hear the nature around me. I always feel like my mind is more clearer out in God’s creation!

    Comment by Samantha K — July 1, 2012

  7. Wendy,
    Keep writing those thoughts down and gradually they will sound better and better! A recliner is a good place to curl up with pen and paper…
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Comment by admin — July 1, 2012

  8. Linda,
    It sounds like you have a lovely spot to relax in on your deck. Thanks for visiting…

    Comment by admin — July 1, 2012

  9. Samantha,
    Interesting to note that so many like to write/read outside, enjoying God’s creation. We’re probably pulled in that direction to escape the noise of this world. Thanks for stopping by!

    Comment by admin — July 1, 2012

  10. I think my favorite to date is at Blue Ridge Mountain, just about anywhere there is a rocker and a view. Oh, and of course to make it really special add in a Frapp from the coffee shop (-;”

    Comment by Dwayne — July 1, 2012

  11. Dwayne,
    I think you just about have that “Clouds” card filled up to get a free one! Can’t wait to get back to Blue Ridge, love that place. So many wonderful memories of God opening doors and leading my writing path up in those mountains.

    Comment by admin — July 1, 2012

  12. Those photos of the water are awesome and totally inspiring. My favorite place to be is near water and nature. I just wrote a piece about the beach, but it was while sitting on my living room sofa recalling the experience with nothing but the poor substitute of descriptive words. Isn’t that what we do?

    Comment by Melody — July 2, 2012

  13. I wish I had a good place to write, but I’m stuck with a small desk crammed into the bedroom with a computer on it. I’m hoping to do some rearranging of the room soon and make it more productive. I’ve never written well with other people around because I would prefer to watch them instead of doing my work. And if I try to write in the computer room with my husband in there, he constantly wants to talk to me and I don’t get anything done.

    Comment by Carolyn Boyles — July 2, 2012

  14. I like to write watching the sunrise or the sunset.
    The east side of my house face the mountains where the sun rises and I see the sunset go behind another set of mountains on the west side of my home.

    Comment by Susieq — July 2, 2012

  15. Melody,
    I want to read the “piece about the beach” – email it to me! And yes, we can still write about it if only from good memories. Though it is more fun to hear the water lapping against the shore, nice background for writing ( :

    Comment by admin — July 3, 2012

  16. Carolyn,
    I’m with you, I think it’s harder to write around a lot of people. I know writers haunt places like Starbucks, but I’m afraid I would just sit there the whole time and eavesdrop on all the conversations around me, while watching everyone come in and out. Though it may provide some good material for characters ( : Thanks for sharing…

    Comment by admin — July 3, 2012

  17. Susie,
    The location of your home sounds lovely and very inspiring – love sunrise and sunset. I imagine that is a perfect way to start a day – watching the sunrise and getting some good writing done early. Thanks for stopping by.

    Comment by admin — July 3, 2012

  18. Beautiful photos. They spark creativity just viewing them. Thanks for providing inspiration through your pen and camera!

    Comment by Theresa Diane Cahill — July 4, 2012

  19. Thanks, Diane. Some of my favorite places in LI.

    Comment by admin — July 4, 2012

  20. My favorite place to write is our new back porch. The view of the Mohawk is beautiful, with the birds and squirrels all around. God and His beauty. But in the winter – my office in front of the window looking out at the winter scenery.

    Comment by Donna — July 5, 2012

  21. Donna,
    Sounds lovely. Glad that porch is finally finished so you can enjoy it.

    Comment by admin — July 6, 2012

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