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Writing has been a part of my life in some measure throughout my employment history including positions as:   a legal secretary, an administrative assistant for the Chamber of Commerce, and an office manager for a Marketing and Public Relations firm. The Chamber position along with the Marketing firm experience helped to craft new writing skills designing tourism packets, press releases and promotional materials. My current position at a local church has led to writing opportunities within the denomination and the title of editor for the monthly newsletter.

One major event turned my love of writing into a more serious pursuit: winning a scholarship to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in 2007.  The tremendous motivation and encouragement I received from that conference had a definite impact on my writing life. Applying the knowledge from the conference I begin to have some success with publication. I have written for a United Methodist periodical on assignment for two years, and have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and various magazines and newspapers. I completed a 25 session workshop of Poets and Writers sponsored by the NYS Institute of the Arts with a resulting clip on P & W website. Current pursuits are learning about copywriting, writing for more magazines and periodicals, finding a home for my Christian contemporary novel and working on a Christian Romance.

Cynthia Lovely


I have been actively involved in church ministry since my teen years as: a Sunday School teacher, bus worker, children’s music leader, choir assistant and junior choir director, street band, music and drama ministry and singles and couples ministry. Other church activities include: keyboardist, choir director, signing team director, drama director and public relations assistant. Whew, yes I have spent a lot of my time in churches and I’m not even a PK.

No, I’m not using a pen name. Cynthia came from a romance novel my mother was reading while waiting for me to make an appearance. Lovely was graciously given to me by the Lord in the surprise gift of my soul mate. I’m eternally grateful for the beautification of my signature. My musician/techie husband continues to be encouraging and supportive of my writing pursuits. We live our own version of happily ever after in an old farmhouse in upstate New York.


Once you get to know me you’ll realize:

  • I love sitting by the ocean for hours.
  • I wish my hair was naturally curly.
  • In this noisy world, I treasure the gift of silence.
  • I love blue and white décor.
  • I hate debt.
  • I remain grateful for spiritual mentors in my life.
  • I value true blue friends.
  • I dislike obnoxious drummers who just make noise.
  • I respect drummers who keep rhythm without the above.
  • I love watching God’s creativity spring forth in individuals.
  • I enjoy the camaraderie found at Christian Writers conferences.
  • I love creating a cozy nest.
  • I enjoy sharing my love of music with my husband.
  • I love the feeling of flight when a plane first takes off.
  • I’m forever thankful for the Lord’s tender touch on my life at a young age.
  • I’m an incurable readaholic.

Cynthia Lovely