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“The Wisdom of the Aged” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDS – Cherish and treasure the wise mentors in your life.

My husband and I were part of a pastoral studies class last weekend with a special speaker; a Bishop of a large, Apostolic church in Long Island. He taught a two hour class on 5 major topics of “How to Stay in Revival till Jesus Comes.” This dear man just turned 85 and he stood for a good portion of the class.

When he did finally sit down to continue teaching, he did not lose one iota of anointing. Very few people can sit back in an easy chair and still present a powerful message that surpasses any young, energetic preacher running the aisles and shouting. There was such a wealth of wisdom in his words spoken to the class of earnest, young students. We were thankful and privileged to be a part of this session. And forever grateful for this Godly mentor in our lives.

If you are fortunate to have elderly men and women of God in your life, learn from them!

  • Glean from their years of experience.
  • Sit at their feet and listen to their lessons of life.
  • Spend time with them.
  • Do not write them off or think they are behind the times. 

They know what works and what has not changed through the years – the power of prayer, sacrifice and all-out commitment.

They are God’s jewels to be treasured.

Do you have someone like this in your life?

Have you told them lately how much they mean to you? 

“Wisdom is with aged men, with long life is understanding.” Job 12:2


“Colorful October Birthdays” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – “I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery

And I’m so glad my birthday falls in the beautiful FALL.

I’ve noticed through Facebook, so many of my friends have birthdays in October. And they are all colorful, quirky and creative characters! I think we fit our birthday month quite well : )

We spent my birthday weekend at a dear friends house, dog-sitting our favorite lab, attending our much-loved church in LI and being around our most favorite people. We took the ferry ride from Orient Point on my lovely, sunny birthday, sitting on the top deck and soaking up the sun. It was awesome!

Spent some time in Mystic, meeting up with all three of my cousins for dinner, which was a pleasant surprise. Dinner and dessert was wonderful at a restaurant right on the wharf, lined up with boats and impressive yachts. Now it’s time to catch up with local friends and continue the celebration… 

To all my other October birthday friends… How are you celebrating your birthday this month?

What is your ideal “birth-day” look like?

If your birthday is in October, answer the question in a comment to enter a book giveaway: Choice of “The Farmer’s Market Mishap” by Wanda & Jean Brunstetter or “Home” by Ginny Yttrup. 



“These Boots Were Made For…” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDS – Walking, running, strolling, kicked-back relaxing, spring, summer, winter and fall; you name it and we’ve got a boot for it!

I couldn’t resist a counter post to my friend Connie Clyburn and her stellar idea of a boot of the month club. Yes! Although it did get me thinking…how often can southern gals wear boots? Doesn’t it get too hot? Aren’t most of you warm weather birds more of a sandal and flip-floppy kind of gal?

Here in the north country, we can wear boots like…anytime! Even when the temperatures climb, there always seems to be a cooling off period. The short brown boots are for in between weather.

  • The black quilted ones for rain.
  • Taller navy for all-denim wardrobe and they even have a cozy lining.
  • The black side zippered for a little bit of bling.
  • The middle skinny heel ones for when I’m balanced out enough not to topple over wearing them. Oh, but they are so fun to wear!
  • The off white fuzzy ones for light snow and to wear with all my winter-white.

And of course the colorful cowgirl boots when I really want to rock the town : ) When I put them on, there’s an immediate surge of attitude.

Due to weariness from setting up this photo op and dragging all the boots downstairs, this photo does NOT include all my boots. Most of the winter ones I have not pulled out of storage yet. Hmm..maybe a boot of the month club wouldn’t be such a great idea. I surely would run out of storage space. But I hope Connie gets her wish so she doesn’t resort to a life of crime. Though I could just about imagine her holding up a boot store with a potato masher and pop gun. They probably would give her the boots for free once they stopped laughing.

Maybe for Christmas we could all send her boots. But lighter, cooler ones for that southern climate..

Be sure to read Connie’s Post:    

Your turn: Anyone else love boots?


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