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“Colorful October Birthdays” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – “I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery

And I’m so glad my birthday falls in the beautiful FALL.

I’ve noticed through Facebook, so many of my friends have birthdays in October. And they are all colorful, quirky and creative characters! I think we fit our birthday month quite well : )

We spent my birthday weekend at a dear friends house, dog-sitting our favorite lab, attending our much-loved church in LI and being around our most favorite people. We took the ferry ride from Orient Point on my lovely, sunny birthday, sitting on the top deck and soaking up the sun. It was awesome!

Spent some time in Mystic, meeting up with all three of my cousins for dinner, which was a pleasant surprise. Dinner and dessert was wonderful at a restaurant right on the wharf, lined up with boats and impressive yachts. Now it’s time to catch up with local friends and continue the celebration… 

To all my other October birthday friends… How are you celebrating your birthday this month?

What is your ideal “birth-day” look like?

If your birthday is in October, answer the question in a comment to enter a book giveaway: Choice of “The Farmer’s Market Mishap” by Wanda & Jean Brunstetter or “Home” by Ginny Yttrup. 



“One day at a time…” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS -How are y’all doing with those New Year resolutions and goals?

The common mistake we often make is to set unrealistic, overwhelming goals and thereby the best laid plans start to fall by the wayside.

I know I’ve done this and I’m sure there are others out there like me. 

So…taking it one day at a time, working towards a better and brighter future.

  • Working steadily on de-cluttering.
  • Trying to make more time for friends.
  • Allowing myself room to breathe and to relax.

And most important of all, focusing on the Lord who makes all things possible. Sweet fellowship with my dearest and best friend, the One who sticks closer than a brother…  

Aim for the future. Set those goals. But remember…ONE DAY AT A TIME!


“Our Beloved, Our Friend”

IN OTHER WORDS – This title is in the words of Judy Huitt, a fitting expression for her book of Bible Study meditations. I met Judy years ago at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. There was an immediate kinship and our friendship has lasted through the years, in spite of distance and circumstances.

I was thrilled when Judy’s book was published. I remember her sincere heart while attending conference and the deep passion she had for her book project. Her book features “forty Bible-study meditations in an easy-to-use method designed as an aid for deepening prayer and illuminating the Word.”

It is not a book to skim through quickly. Each section features “Prepare your heart for the Word, Ponder God’s Precepts, Principles, and Promises, Probe the Word, Plumb the Word, Pray the Word and Practice the Word.”

A combination of scriptures, personal experiences, and thought-provoking questions, the book is a wonderful addition to your personal Bible Study. Following are two links to purchase this book. Judy’s pure and sincere love for Jesus shines through on each and every page. You will be blessed!

Our Beloved, Our Friend: Explore the Word. Experience Jesus. Share His Love. - eBook  -     By: Judy Huitt<br />


“Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Cynthia A. Lovely

Signed, Sealed and Delivered Hallmark Channel Series DVD

IN OTHER WORDS – I enjoy most Hallmark movies but this series is by far, one of the best!

The characters are endearing, and every episode will bring laughter and tears along with a treasured life lesson.

Their Christmas dvd is my favorite seasonal dvd and that speaks quite loudly since I have a vast collection.

Every time I watch another episode of this series, I make the same wistful comment, “I wish I could write like that…”

Do you have a favorite movie or series?

Does it inspire your writing?



“Stretch Our Vision” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – The above quote is from Gwyn Oakes book, “The Front Row – the practical guide for women in fulfilling life’s ministry. She goes on to say, “Just thinking about it never fulfills a dream. Unless you get up and do something to cause that dream to be fulfilled, it will never be more than a dream. It will come to pass only when you diligently prepare yourself to meet and take advantage of opportunities.” 

What are you dreaming about today?

What are you doing to prepare and work towards that dream? 

(Photo credit C.A. Lovely)



“Easy Encouragement” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS - You have talent.

Three simple words of encouragement that explode like fireworks.

  • Sparkle and Shine
  • Celebration
  • Wonder, including the Ohhhhhh  factor
  • Blasting you awake with possibilities!

Has anyone ever said these words to you? Or perhaps written them on a critique?

I have had critiques at writer’s conferences and in writing groups. Some good, some not so good. Score sheets from contests with the majority favorable and a single one disastrous. (Surely that judge was having her own disastrous day)

We need wisdom to balance it all out.

The most helpful feedback I’ve received are those responses that begin with encouragement. Yes, I understand there may be areas needing work and a time of corrections and revising. This is the life of a writer. I get that.

But what a difference it makes when it starts with encouragement! I store those treasured words in my heart and move forward with a fresh wave of enthusiasm. 

You have talent.

Words written, or words spoken at appointments. Words from fellow writers. Words from family and friends. Whether it pertains to writing, speaking, or a career path, the simple words are cherished. In this season of writers conferences, I would encourage you to encourage others. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. Sometimes it can be as easy as sharing three little words.

You have talent. Pass it on.


“Words- to hurt or to heal” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – This powerful quote from author L.S. McDowell states the power of words in clear terms.

Has someone spoken a kind and gentle word to you recently?

Did it make your day?

 God help us to use the power of words with wisdom. Think before you speak!


“Before you vote – II Chron. 7:14″

IN MY WORDS – Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – Please vote carefully and prayerfully.

Study the choices and pray for guidance.

I don’t think anyone has easy answers for this election. I’m still not sure where my vote will be.

Our duty as Christians is to pray for those in authority.

I ask you…please. Pray for this election, pray for our country.





“Favorite Spring Sayings” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – It doesn’t quite look like this at my house yet, but all in good time.

Do you have a favorite verse or saying about Spring?

Please share in a comment to bring us more into “Spring” mode and out of the winter doldrums!



“What Does It Mean to be Called?” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – In this book by G. Macdonald, he discusses how John the Baptist could have given in to the crowds, played up his own growing popularity and started his own following. But he didn’t. Because he knew his calling.

He had an “unwavering sense of purpose.” He knew his role as the forerunner to Christ. “He must increase, I must decrease.” John 3:30

He did not have a mistaken identity but was certain of his own identity and calling.This is so vitally important in any leadership ministry.

I pray that Godly leaders will not seek their own following but will be tuned in to the Spirit of God and obedient to His calling. May all that we do bring GLORY TO GOD!

Do you know leaders that are Called, Obedient, Faithful, and secure in their identity in Christ?

Are you Called?


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