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Back to School? Or maybe not…








Back to school sales. School buses on the road again. September is a busy time of year for many people. But among us kidless folk the month blends into all the others. Don’t need to head out for school supplies or worry about the latest fashions for the little ones. September is:

  • Getting ready for the change of seasons.
  • Anticipating the crisp air, the tang of apple cider and the sugary sweetness of warm cider donuts.
  • Admiring the blaze of leafy colors, picturing angels with tiny paintbrushes.
  • Meeting up with friends at my favorite tearoom.
  • Celebrating our anniversary at Lake George Jazz Festival, sitting by the lake with hubby, soaking in the sun, mellowed by the background music and watching the boats drift by.
  • Dinner lakeside, with treasured friends.

All enjoyable pastimes but there is also work to be done.

Focusing on the yard, garden and cleaning out the garage for the winter months. Changing my home decor to a warmer, cozier feel to bring me through the colder snowier months ahead. Catching up with my writing pursuits and my writing friends.

Other than back to school issues, what does September mean to you?

Especially fellow kidless comrades…I’m curious.


Mother’s Day but what if…

                             you’re not a mother?

                           your mother has died?

Either of these facts tend to make Mother’s Day a very difficult time. If you relate to this, how do you deal with Mother’s Day?

I’m doing better with the no kids part, check out my Kidless & Content article with Sasee:

But I can’t seem to get over missing my mom and Mother’s Day hits hard.

Please leave a comment with how you manage on this day.

Any suggestions or encouragement for each other in either circumstance is most welcome.

I know Jesus is the only One who can fill those empty places in our hearts.

And I also know the Lord will pass the following message on to my mother – the very best mother in all the world.



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