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“Lovely Smartiephone Rules” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDSI gave in.

It took a long time but I finally got a smartie phone. I like this term better than smartphone and some of the brand names.

It sounds a bit more friendly than names like android and galaxy. I’d rather not feel like I’m on another planet conversing with aliens..

So will this smartiephone make me any smarter? Observing many others and their constant use of this product, I have my doubts. There are several vows I am determined to keep with this new gadget.

  1. I will not use this phone when I am driving a car. It will remain in my purse until I am back home or legally parked.
  2. I will not check it 50+ times a day. I’ve lived without it for a long time and will continue to do so, using it only when needed.
  3. I will not pull it out when I am in conversation with someone else, unless they are asking me a question and the answer is on the phone. (needing someone’s phone number or showing pictures)
  4. I will not go out to eat at a restaurant and sit across from someone, ignoring them while I give complete attention to my phone. It will stay in my purse. I will only answer it if it looks like an emergency call.
  5. I will not use it to vent, argue or attempt any serious communication.

And thereby rests my case. Feel free to adapt some of these rules yourself. It is nice to have the phone and it can be convenient. I enjoy staying in touch more with my long distance friends. (waving at Connie)

But I’d much rather concentrate on people and face to face conversation when it is an option.

I WILL control the phone and it will NOT control me.   #refusetobecontrolledbyphone

Do you have any rules for your phone? Now, let’s see if I can follow my own rules : )


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