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“Dangerous Southern Writing” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDS – Southern writers like to use catchy phrases for their unique style. Southern Fried Fiction, Southern Tales of Sweet Tea Days, etc. They all sound innocent, warm and friendly with a “bless your heart” drawl in the background. Don’t be fooled. Southern writers can be downright dangerous.

My husband and I were traveling home from Long Island last weekend. It was later in the evening on a lovely summer day and everyone, EVERYONE decided to go out at the same time.

Traffic was bumper to bumper and no matter what parkway or bridge we aimed for, it was all backed up. Grand Central Parkway: cars were lined up for miles. Cross Island Parkway: traffic would move for about 3 minutes then come to an abrupt halt. Whitestone Bridge: yeah, we’d get across it eventually, hopefully before the Second Coming. Though that would certainly have lifted us out of it in a flash.

We finally reached a point where cars were moving along at a decent pace. I settled back and begin catching up on emails. “Hey, Connie’s got a new blog post up, want me to read it to you?” Dwayne nodded, happy to have some comedic diversion to our long stressful travels. So…I read it out loud.

About my crazy dazed TN gal and her views on the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. We were both laughing, agreeing that yes, Connie had spent some tulip-tiptoeing time and definitely worked hard at restful retreating. (I couldn’t even find her one day because she escaped to Black Mt. and hunted through boutiques, coffee shops and what not before slipping back into Ridgecrest under cover) So here we are sailing down the highway and laughing it up but really, it was the last line of her blog that almost put us into the river. Dwayne swerved, I yelled and all was well, we were back on the road.

Oh yeah, I know you’re wondering about that last line. Check it out at 

Just be careful.


“Holidays…No More Politics, Please” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDS – Yes, it is November and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

Do we all remember what that is about?

Besides all the food and festivities? BEING THANKFUL!

  • I am thankful for the freedom we have to worship God in this country.
  • I am grateful there are no planes dropping bombs over my home.
  • I am glad I have a home, a place to create a cozy nest to rest and renew.

And I refuse to discuss any more politics during this upcoming holiday season. Will you be with friends and family? I imagine there will be differing opinions about our latest world news.

Don’t do it...don’t get pulled into those discussions. Take control over your corner of the world and show kindness, grace, mercy and truth. Repeat after me….NO MORE POLITICS. There are so many other more pleasant topics of conversation. Like listing all of our blessings that we take for granted. 

Heading towards the Christmas season. Hmm…Jesus came to us in the midst of political upheaval and turmoil.

And so He comes to us again reminding us…”Focus on Me, I am the only One who brings Peace.”

Holidays are approaching. Jesus Reigns.


“Stretch Our Vision” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – The above quote is from Gwyn Oakes book, “The Front Row – the practical guide for women in fulfilling life’s ministry. She goes on to say, “Just thinking about it never fulfills a dream. Unless you get up and do something to cause that dream to be fulfilled, it will never be more than a dream. It will come to pass only when you diligently prepare yourself to meet and take advantage of opportunities.” 

What are you dreaming about today?

What are you doing to prepare and work towards that dream? 

(Photo credit C.A. Lovely)



“Starved for Success” by Cynthia A. Lovely


IN MY WORDS – That’s my pizza-man coming to my deserted writer’s island to deliver my lunch.

Okay, not really.

We don’t get pizza delivery out where I live. But doesn’t it feel like a deserted island sometimes? I digress from my topic…

Starving for success is my new clever ploy to accomplish some measure of writing each day. This works best on the days I’m able to work at home and not at my “other’ office job as a church administrative assistant.

My thoughts are better organized in the morning so I try to avoid the afternoon slump. New goal is to complete some form of writing before lunch.

The starving part? I don’t break until I accomplish the goal. And yes, sometimes I’m pretty hungry. Like right now at 1:49 pm. But at least my blog is completed = success!  ;-)

What clever and unique motivation do you use for your writing?



“The Lovely Plan for Summer Priorities” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDSSummer has arrived offering endless possibilities. My regular job has shorter hours so I have more free time.

How do I start my day?

What needs to be priority in my life?

Introducing the Lovely Plan: WWW. (or 3W)


There are many things to follow after these three actions but think of the amazing success if I get at least this much accomplished in my day!

  • W1 WALK – enjoying scenic views on early morning country roads while benefiting my health.
  • W2 -WORSHIP – the walk often leads right into worship, admiring God’s beautiful creation. Arrive back home for a cool glass of sweet tea and time spent in the Word. Leading right into worship and prayer and often journaling bringing me to:
  • W3 – WRITE- If I don’t write early, too many other things start to crowd out my day. Do you find this to be true? Knowing I’ve already accomplished two major goals in my day, I am inspired to dive into writing. 

Once I’ve completed The Lovely Plan, I am free to do anything else. What are your summer priorities?

It may be as simple as: Swim, Sun, Stroll or Fellowship, Friends, Fun. 

Anyone want to join The Lovely Plan with me? Or share your own plan?


“Easy Encouragement” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS - You have talent.

Three simple words of encouragement that explode like fireworks.

  • Sparkle and Shine
  • Celebration
  • Wonder, including the Ohhhhhh  factor
  • Blasting you awake with possibilities!

Has anyone ever said these words to you? Or perhaps written them on a critique?

I have had critiques at writer’s conferences and in writing groups. Some good, some not so good. Score sheets from contests with the majority favorable and a single one disastrous. (Surely that judge was having her own disastrous day)

We need wisdom to balance it all out.

The most helpful feedback I’ve received are those responses that begin with encouragement. Yes, I understand there may be areas needing work and a time of corrections and revising. This is the life of a writer. I get that.

But what a difference it makes when it starts with encouragement! I store those treasured words in my heart and move forward with a fresh wave of enthusiasm. 

You have talent.

Words written, or words spoken at appointments. Words from fellow writers. Words from family and friends. Whether it pertains to writing, speaking, or a career path, the simple words are cherished. In this season of writers conferences, I would encourage you to encourage others. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. Sometimes it can be as easy as sharing three little words.

You have talent. Pass it on.


“Time to move out of the Comfort Zone” by Cynthia A. Lovely

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2016 – Nine years and counting and I keep coming back. There’s just something about Ridgecrest and this special week in May that is a continual draw. Every year is a discovery and I always leave knowing I have learned something new and valuable. Yes, from the classes, workshops and devotions.

But also from the people: from the faculty to the numerous and friendly volunteers and from the first time newbie to the veteran agent.  I also learn something about myself each time I come. This year’s lesson? I’m holding on too tightly to my comfort zone. I wimped out this year. Ouch. Honesty can be painful.

The conference is and always will be a stretch for me. I’m not an extrovert and by the end of the week, I am totally needing my quiet time. But even with this stretching, I have been carving out my own safe path. Wondering why too many classes sound familiar. Duh. I’ve been sticking to the same topics.

Time to branch out into new territory. Face up to the social media and marketing end of the business. Choose some classes that wouldn’t normally draw  my attention. On the plus side, I did choose more “down” time this year and actually spent time in the beautiful new coffee shop. Which led to a lovely conversation with Becky Gansky and Latan Roland Murphy. Becky, you encouraged me in my current status as a newbie pastor’s wife. And Latan, I love your profession of interior decorating and how God is using you to minister in that area. Beautiful.

As I think over this year’s conference, I am prepping for next year, determined to make some changes. And yes, to walk with confidence out of my comfort zone. I pray we will all return with a renewed confidence and determination to allow God to use this writing gift He has placed within us.

Are you already planning for next year’s conference? Is there something you would do differently?

Will you step out of your comfort zone?


“Words- to hurt or to heal” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN OTHER WORDS – This powerful quote from author L.S. McDowell states the power of words in clear terms.

Has someone spoken a kind and gentle word to you recently?

Did it make your day?

 God help us to use the power of words with wisdom. Think before you speak!


“Before you vote – II Chron. 7:14″

IN MY WORDS – Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – Please vote carefully and prayerfully.

Study the choices and pray for guidance.

I don’t think anyone has easy answers for this election. I’m still not sure where my vote will be.

Our duty as Christians is to pray for those in authority.

I ask you…please. Pray for this election, pray for our country.





“Let’s Celebrate National Library Week” by Cynthia A. Lovely

A WORD – Library: a :  a place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials (as books, manuscripts, recordings, or films) are kept for use but not for sale b :  a collection of such materials – Webster

As a young girl I fell in love with books.

The local library was one of my favorite places to hang out. I remember riding my bike to the closest branch and filling up my bicycle basket with new reads – awesome!

I still love my library but now I visit between two to four branches for variety on a weekly basis.

What will you do this week to celebrate your local library?

Bring a fresh bouquet of flowers?

A special thank you card?

Share some ideas so we can bless our librarians and library clerks this week!


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