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“These Boots Were Made For…” by Cynthia A. Lovely

IN MY WORDS – Walking, running, strolling, kicked-back relaxing, spring, summer, winter and fall; you name it and we’ve got a boot for it!

I couldn’t resist a counter post to my friend Connie Clyburn and her stellar idea of a boot of the month club. Yes! Although it did get me thinking…how often can southern gals wear boots? Doesn’t it get too hot? Aren’t most of you warm weather birds more of a sandal and flip-floppy kind of gal?

Here in the north country, we can wear boots like…anytime! Even when the temperatures climb, there always seems to be a cooling off period. The short brown boots are for in between weather.

  • The black quilted ones for rain.
  • Taller navy for all-denim wardrobe and they even have a cozy lining.
  • The black side zippered for a little bit of bling.
  • The middle skinny heel ones for when I’m balanced out enough not to topple over wearing them. Oh, but they are so fun to wear!
  • The off white fuzzy ones for light snow and to wear with all my winter-white.

And of course the colorful cowgirl boots when I really want to rock the town : ) When I put them on, there’s an immediate surge of attitude.

Due to weariness from setting up this photo op and dragging all the boots downstairs, this photo does NOT include all my boots. Most of the winter ones I have not pulled out of storage yet. Hmm..maybe a boot of the month club wouldn’t be such a great idea. I surely would run out of storage space. But I hope Connie gets her wish so she doesn’t resort to a life of crime. Though I could just about imagine her holding up a boot store with a potato masher and pop gun. They probably would give her the boots for free once they stopped laughing.

Maybe for Christmas we could all send her boots. But lighter, cooler ones for that southern climate..

Be sure to read Connie’s Post:    

Your turn: Anyone else love boots?



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